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What Are The Eskom Load Shedding Stages?

Note that on our site, you do not need to know what stage we are in - we do the work for you and simply show you when your power will be off.

Eskom implements load shedding at various "stages" depending on how large the current energy shortfall is. At higher stages, your area will experience more hours a day without power.

Each stage equals the reduction of 1000MW (megawatt, or one million watt) of electricity. 1000MW can, very roughly speaking, power 500,000-1.5 million houses. Officially, Eskom has made provision for 8 stages of load shedding, although there could theoretically be higher stages if more than 8000MW needs to be shed.

So far, the highest stage we have officially experienced is Stage 6.

What Is The Load Shedding Stage Today?

Eskom is not load shedding right now.
City of Cape Town is not load shedding.
The load shedding stage changes frequently and at times without notice.

* Note that for some municipalities such as Emfuleni and Buffalo City, the stages work differently, that is the power is off for 3 or 4 hours at a time by default.

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