No loadshedding scheduled right now.
Update: Sun 14 April: Loadshedding remains suspended until further notice.

Loadshedding Schedule For Buffalo City, Eastern Cape

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This page shows the loadshedding schedule and information for areas in Buffalo City whose electricity is provided and managed by the municipality. There are also areas where the electricity is provided by Eskom, these areas may follow a different schedule - view the Eskom Loadshedding Schedule.
No loadshedding scheduled right now.
Eskom Loadshedding Update: Sun 14 April: Loadshedding remains suspended until further notice.
Loadshedding Stage Schedule
Sun - 26 May
No loadshedding today
Mon - 27 May
No loadshedding today
Tue - 28 May
No loadshedding today

This might change - Eskom updates schedules frequently and without notice.


Is there loadshedding today in Buffalo City?

Buffalo City is not load shedding at the moment.. To view your schedule, find your suburb below or use the search above.

What stage is loadshedding in Buffalo City today?

Buffalo City is not loadshedding right now. This follows the Eskom loadshedding schedule.

How To Read The Loadshedding Schedule

Eskom implements loadshedding by turning off the electricity of different areas at different times in order to reduce the total amount of electricity used at any given time across South Africa.

Areas are grouped into "blocks" - if two areas share the same block number then they share the same loadshedding schedule - in other words the power goes off at the same time.

The Buffalo City loadshedding schedule above shows you which blocks are loadshedding (on the right) for each 2 hour segment of the day (on the left), since loadshedding typically lasts 2-2.5 hours at a time.

If you know your block number, you can click on it above to view the full loadshedding schedule for the week in an easier to read format.

How To Find Your Loadshedding Block

If you don't know your block number, you can find it on our site. Enter your suburb or town into the loadshedding search at the top of the page and select the corresponding area.

Alternatively, you can use the timetable above to deduce your loadshedding block, by finding which block numbers correspond to the time periods the power was off in your area.

You can also view a list of all loadshedding areas in Buffalo City here.

We're collecting data on areas that don't receive any load shedding. Know of any? Let us know.

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